Yet another trip to the Zoo

So I believe this makes my 8th trip to the zoo since we got our season passes last year. I think it's paid for itself very nicely. LOL Katie was just really concerned about going to see the panda bears. We had a very nice day. We got to see all the animals, we had Nathan's hot dogs for lunch, and we got soaked running back to the car when it started storming. I mean, we got home 2 hours ago, and am still a little soaked around the collar. I know I should probably go change right? Anyway, below is a slideshow of some of the pictures I took. The better ones anyway. Enjoy!

....because it's so funny.....

Miguel-- "Katie, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Katie's First Response-- "A Baby!"
A pause in the conversation and we start move on...
Katie's Second Response after some thought-- "I want to be better than you, Daddy. "

Where did Katie ever pick up a phrase like that? I'll never be able to tell you. My only thought might be tv or something in passing Miguel or I might have said to one another.

A Playdate and a Conversation and an Accomplishment

I enjoyed our playdate today. I got to see Sara's newest little girl, Zoe, although she was fast asleep. :) It was beautiful out today and it was nice to stand outside without being too warm or too cold. In the second picture, you can see from Katie's face how determined she is to get higher. Katie insisted on going higher every time the swing slowed down. Which is weird because Katie is afraid of heights. Katie and Avery swung most of the time. Which was nice that they both liked to do the same thing. It's not very often Katie gets to play with a friend who likes to do the same as she does. :) Avery swung in the red swing chair and was looking very cute and cool in her sunglasses today. And I am throwing in this last one because I just love it. Katie is concentrating on digging in the sand box. But it's such a sweet peaceful concentration. I just love my little girl.
This next little blurb is about potty training. On the way home, Katie and I had the conversation about pooping on the potty and going to school. I guess she had over heard Sara and I talking about it at the park. She asked me if Avery was going to go poopie in the potty so she could go to school, and I told her yes, Avery has to go poopie in the potty. So we started naming different people who have to go poopie in the potty. LOL I know wonderful conversation to be having. :) But she started getting excited and said, "So I NEED to go poopie in the potty?". And I told her yup, to go to school she would have to go poopie in the potty. So guess what happens when get home? Katie starts to go poopie in her pull up, but comes to tell me she needs potty and finishes up in the potty!!!!! For all you potty training moms who have problems getting them to go potty, you all know how excited I was! So I guess it's a trip to the store for the M&Ms and a toy I promised her if she went poopie in the potty! Now to see if the trend continues and to see if I can get to go pee in the potty on a regular basis.

And I just wanted to add this video in. Katie all of a sudden this afternoon wanted to do a puzzle. So I was able to just get the end of her working on a small puzzle and then my camera died. But you can see her working on it. She's very organized about it. She starts with one piece and pretty much goes all the way around until she's to the last corner. Oh and we also played Hi Ho Cheerio! which is a counting game Katie loves right now. And she pretty much gets it for the most part. Except she always wants it to be her turn. ;0)

It's Spring Ya'll!

Spring Flowers Collage

This is a collage of a few pictures I have taken of flowers over the past couple of weeks.

Ok. For real this time. Happy Easter. :)

Katie had a blast today. Although she would not wear her Easter dress. pictures of her in it a while ago. I'm glad I didn't pay too much for it. Ms. Delores (my nephew's Grandma) gave her an Easter hat, that she wouldn't take off, but when I asked her about her Easter dress, it was a no go. At least I got Anyway, Katie got to have two Easter egg hunts today. One after lunch and then one at my sister's house with my nephew and the neighbors. It was fun. And Katie's favorite part is that she got a lot of candy. James Grandma also got him a sombrero to wear, which he did most of the day after he got it. Silly goose. And because I love to take pictures of babies. :) My brother in law's neice (so the picture is of my sister's nephew once removed I guess, is that how it works?) had a little boy 6 weeks ago and he was at Easter dinner today. Little babies that age are so cool. All about learning to smile, laugh, find their hands, their feet, and coo at people.

Because I can, because they're cute... Oh and Happy Easter!!

LOL. I just had to post these beach pics of Katie from last week. I finally pulled the pictures off of the S3. There weren't all that many, but there were some cute ones. I love the one below. Can't you see the teenager in her already? The last one looks to me like she has spotted trouble out in the water and she's about to take off to rescue someone. LOL Katie is just too cute. I could post pictures of her 10 times a day. But I won't, I promise. That might be a little much. I am just warning you guys though. Today is Easter and we are doing an Easter Egg hunt today. So beware there will be another post today with pictures, for anyone whose interested.

Sam's Room Part Three, The Finished Product

I think we are about done with Sam's room. I need to put a nice new curtain rod and it needs a good cleaning. But other than that. I think it's done. I don't think I am going to paint any more on the wall. I had a lot of fun doing it though. I took some wider view shots with my old camera. I don't have a wide angle lens for my nice camera, yet. ;)I am also waiting on the painting my Dad is doing for Sam. Wink, wink, Grandpa. Other than those few things, I just need to pack my hospital bag, Sam's hospital bag, and a bag for Miguel. And then the waiting begins. The bluer picture of the two below was taken during the day, but I wanted to show that there is in fact a window in the room. LOL I chose royal blue for the curtains and at first I really didn't know if it would work. But it really does. I promise. This last one is a closeup of the little mural I painted on the wall. It was my first attempt ever at this type of thing, so no one make fun, ok? So now I am probably done showing you pictures of the room. Probably the next time I really post a lot of pictures having to do with Sam, he'll be here!

Easter Eggs and Spring is Here, Officially

I finally got to coloring the Easter eggs with Katie tonight. The cool thing is Miguel was able to join in the fun. :) They are so cute doing stuff together. Here's a view of all the eggs we did tonight. Miguel and Katie enjoyed mixing all of the colors. Silly gooses. We ended up with at least one gray egg that I know of. This one is Katie's favorite egg. She put stickers all over this one. It actually looks pretty cool. Katie will take any excuse to stick stickers all over anything. And for all of you northerners who are still experience snow and cold and well, basically winter. It's officially spring. :) I think spring really came here about a month ago. Which is crazy. The daffodils are already dying out and the barber pear (I think that's what they are called) are all in bloom. Soon the whole city will be painted with yellow dust. Fun, fun, fun.....

Sam's Room Part Deux

So I went to IKEA the other last night and got a bunch of stuff to decorate Sam's room. I decided to go with orange, green, and royal blue as the accent colors. I wanted to brighten it up a little. :) I painted his letters this morning as you can see by the picture. I used brighter/more contrasting colors than was in the quilt, but I think it worked out well. If you can't see the slide show up above with all the pictures of his room, you can click here.

My current favorite song

I love all kinds of music. But my current cds that I am listening to include the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Regina Spektor....... I also really like that song that they use on the MacBook Air commercial, so I looked it up yesterday and it's call New Soul by Yeal Naim. I really like it. Here's a link to her Youtube video. I just really get a kick out of listening to it. Does Apple's PR people and advertising people know what they are doing or what? It seems every time they bring out a new product they have a really good song to go with it.
Oh and for anyone wondering, the battery on my camera is on the fritz and died on my again yesterday. I am going to leave it on charge today and see if it will stay charged for some pictures. :(

Just a couple of random photographs

I take pictures everyday, surely you all know that by now? LOL I took this one of Katie. When I opened it in Photoshop, I admit I was bored. I am not even sure that I like it all that much. But it is something different. Did I mention that my little Katie can sight read a bunch of words I didn't even know about it? She has this word whammer type mat, and it asks her to press the words that begin with "E" or press the word "eight" and she keeps getting them right. She would probably never do it again if I asked her too.
And I also love the night sky and the moon. So I thought this shot of the moon looked cool too. Yes, I did Photoshop it. But doesn't it look cool? I think it does. LOL
Oh and by the way, if any of you lurkers would like to vote in my pregnancy pool over to the left here, that would be cool. I'm interested to see when most people think he'll be here. ;0)

What did I do last night?

I built Sam's cradle/bassinet/co-sleeper last night. All by myself too. :) I think I will really like it. It is a 3 in one. So to begin with I can set it up as a cosleeper with our bed. And then put it as a cradle/bassinet when we are ready. It also has wheels so I can wheel it around from room to room. Pretty cool little bed for Sam. It has this cute little mobile with what I think are supposed to be sheep. I assume they are sheep, it makes sense that they would be sheep right? And as she is with all things related to Sam, Katie wanted to rock the cradle after it was built. She would have loved to get IN the cradle, but mommy and daddy were absolutely not going to let that happen. Small as she is, Katie still outweighs the weight limit by 7 lbs. Katie is obsessed with using all of the stuff I bring out for Sam. She likes to sit in his bouncy chair, his car seat, his pack n' play. She even likes to play with the toys we have bought for him. I am sure one of these days she is going to want to wear his clothes. ;)

Sam's Room and Coming Home Outfit

I hadn't actually planned on buying a coming home outfit, but when I was buying his crib set last night....well...I couldn't resist. It was totally too cute. It matches the bedding that I bought him. The nursery still needs a lot of stuff doing to it. But it is well on it's way now. I still need to get a couple of lamps. I need to get and paint the letters for his room to match the bedding. I also need a pillow for the rocker. Let's see other things on the list, a rug, get the armoir from BRU, a couple of pieces of froggie artwork for the room, baskets to organize stuff in the armoir, and two diaper genies (one for the basement and one for the main level). Oh and I want to maybe paint a couple of froggies or snails or turtles to go on the walls in his room. Maybe....we'll see. We have most everything else. I guess the only other things needed are things like diapers, baby lotion, shampoo, and baby medicines. There is so much less to buy the second time around. It's cool. So I guess that the nesting instinct finally kicked in. It's about time because I only have 9 weeks and 5 days until he is due. I have a sneaking suspicion I won't make it that far, but I could be wrong. Oh and I still need to hang those froggie pictures in the photograph. ;)

I Love to Flip Mommy!


Katie was doing flips (forward rolls) at my sister's house last night. She's been doing them for awhile, but I thought I would introduce you to Katie's "flips". And then this last one, because I am obsessed with headbands in Katie's hair. I just can't get over what a big girl she looks now. I love the colors in the picture too. On another note, most of the pictures are in the flickr album for the vacation pictures. I do have another camera to get pictures off of, but I'll probably do those tomorrow or later.

Our trip to St George's Island

So we are back from the beach and we had a blast. We did a lot while we were there. Hung out on the beach, took long walks on the beach, hung out in the cabana on the beach, played volleyball on the beach, rode a surry bike around the island, played at the playground on the beach, had a bonfire on the beach, ate smores, and of course got in the cold water very briefly. If you want to see more pictures you can click here to see the album. I'll be adding pictures to it probably for awhile, as it's going to take me a few days to get through the hundreds of pictures we took. :) So enjoy and keep checking back.

The Beach

The beach is great and the beach is wonderful. Katie is having a blast and so are mommy and daddy too. :)

Katie sings and writes the letter T.

I took some video of Katie today. I thought you all might enjoy them. Katie's been singing these to us for quite some time now, so now she can sing to you all. LOL The first one is Katie singing her ABC's, second one is singing Twinkle Twinkle, and the last one is her writing the letter T. They are all just so cute. :)

I thought I'd also include a picture of Katie after she was done writing all of her letter T's. She took to writing it fairly easily. I was thinking either the letter X or the the letter I for her next letter. We'll get all the easy ones out of the way first. LOL This last one is just for fun. Yes, Katie, you did get all that icky paint all over your hands and you are such a mess. And don't you look so cute with the barrettes in your hair? Mommy just can't get over how cute you are these days.

Cool things in Katie's world

So Katie thinks that Hopscotch is really cool. She made me draw her a hopscotch on the patio the other day and proceeded to jump around on it and count the numbers. She didn't really want to play it the way it's supposed to be played, but hey she's 2. Katie also thinks that sitting on her chalk drawings is cool too. As well as getting it all over her clothes. :) Oh and she loves her new crocs. For some reason she was two sizes smaller in them, than she is in her tennis shoes. Go figure. Other things cool in Katie's world are barrettes for her hair. She calls them girl stuff. And when I put them in her hair, she says, "I'm a girl Mommy!". Funny girl. She also thought the one purple flower coming out of the ground was pretty cool too. She announced to me that purple was her favorite color. It's the first time she's ever actually told me she had a favorite color. And this one is just for fun. You know how at some point all little kids start giving you really cheesy grins when you tell them to smile of say cheese. Well, Katie has hit that stage too. This is the cheesy grin she gives me when I tell her to say cheese. Oh yeah, and that's one of her other favorite things to do too. Climbing on the rocks in front of the house. Scares me every time she does it. But the girl does love to climb.



No explanation needed.

Headbands, Cabanas, and Art

How do I combine all these topics into one post. LOL I bought Katie some headbands to keep the hair out of her face as it grows. I was chasing her around the kitchen today trying to get a decent picture of her with it on and caught this precious moment. She looks like such a little girl now. Where did my baby go?We also went shopping for our trip to the beach next week. We came across this cabana in the clearance section of sporting goods at Walmart. It was only $12! At first we thought it would be really small and something for Katie to play in, but we were pleasantly surprised when we set it up in the living room. :) Katie was drawing Daddy "cakes" in her art pad tonight. She wanted to take a picture of her art with Daddy. It was too cute. She is such a ham these days. We are going to need a new hard drive soon with as many pictures as I have been taking lately. One of the first things Katie wanted to do today was to paint a wooden turtle I bought from Michael's one day. So I set it up for her and let her at it. This was the resulting product. Pretty good for a 2 year old, eh? She decided herself what colors would go where and painted it all by herself. My sweet little artiste.

Other things.....

In the past couple of days, Katie has decided that she likes taking pictures, well posing for pictures. But she won't sit still. How frustrating is that? LOL At least I get practice in. The other thing is I am now 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Yay, if anything happens now and Sam comes early, he has excellent chances. Here's a picture of my belly. I don't think I look this big in real life, but maybe I do. I feel like I have been the same size now for a few weeks. Maybe I am just getting smaller in other places, while I am getting bigger in my belly. I probably gained some weight this weekend though. I ate like a big ol' pregnant woman. Time to eat some salads and fruit.
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