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Makeup by Cristina- Bridal Shoot

A week or so ago, I did a shoot with some models for Makeup by Cristina. We both needed some bridals for our portfolio, so it worked out really well. Cristina is totally awesome! Thanks again for getting this all set up. Here's just a few pics. I have more still to work thanks to the stomach flu that disabled the whole family for almost a week.


Bride #2
Bride #1

Wordless Wednesday


Southerners and ice don't mix ya'll.

As I am sure everyone has heard, and everyone knows, we had snow, in the good ol' southern state of Georgia, last week. The problem with it was that it's been so dang cold here, that it basically stuck to anything and turned to ice. So I can not even tell you the amount of cars we saw stuck in some predicament just feet from their own homes. Here's a tip, don't attempt to REVERSE down your driveway. Seriously, you guys should know better. Anyway, I feel bad for everyone who did end up with some damage from skidding on the ice. We had to brave it ourselves on Friday because Katie decided to fall of the bed and hit her head on the rocking chair. I have no idea how she did it, only that she ended up having to have her skin over her eyebrow glued together. Sigh...this one is always getting injured. I would move heaven and earth for her not to get injured as much as she does, but I'm afraid it runs in the family, ie Me. She did get to enjoy the snow Thursday night, but I was too afraid of her opening her wound back up to let her play out in it the rest of the weekend. Which Katie's idea of playing out in the snow was to hold her tongue out and catch snowflakes. Sam's idea was running around in circles in it. LOL. You know, whatever floats their boat. In any case, it snowed, it wasn't much but it provided a break from the normal boringness that is winter in Georgia. I am so glad to see the sun coming up a little earlier and staying up just that fraction of minute longer every day. Soon, we'll be catching rays at the sprayground and running around the park in our swimsuits. :)

Just Random Picture Madness


Joanie, holy moly, she grew.


Joanie has grown a lot over the past 6 or 7 weeks we've had her. I mean A LOT. When we first got her Katie made her look little. See here. Now. She's ginormous, as Katie would say. And she's only half way to her full size. I love big dogs. So big dog here we come. :)

Reflections of the past.....

This will be a pictureless post. Which, is very difficult for me not include some picture of something I think might relate, but I will control my photo OCD and leave this one alone.
A lot happened and changed in 2009. There has been a lot of hardship and sorrow for many of the ones I love and ourselves. In some respects it was a wonderful year, with trips the beach and some of the best experiences. Simply look through my blog posts of 2009 and you'll be able to see what I mean. In other ways, it was a rough and tumble year with the economy being the way it is and as always, the family drama. I do want to add something here, that some of you may or may not know. We had to say good bye last year to the little one who is now one of our angels watching over us. I mention it only to try and say good bye and move past the loss. It was harder on us, well me in particular, than I thought it would have been. I am blessed with two awesome children and the best hubby, and in a sense that's what makes it bitter sweet. I know what a wonderful addition we would have had to our family.
In any case, I look back further over the past decade and realize how far we've come, how much we've grown up. I started out the decade a teenager and ended it a mom of two. Crazy, how quickly it all happens and flies by. So for the next (and I suppose current) decade, I hope to continue to live life as full as possible. I hope for us as many amazing experiences in the future as there were in the past.
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