Oh me, oh my....


So I was not very good at actually writing down at what ages Kate did things. You know like crawling, first foods, etc. But I do have an excellent photo journal of all of those things. So when I came across this picture of Sam while working on Christmas pics, I thought to myself, "I think I have one just like that...." and I did. :) They are both just a few days over 7 months here. They seem to have reached their milestones so far at about the same times, with the exception of the crawling milestone. Kate was a little bit earlier with it, but never did get proficient at it because she was much more interested in trying to cruise around the living room. Sam approaches his milestones differently too. As in his milestones just kind of happen. Where as Katie was always so determined to get to that next point, ya know? They are definitely different, but do you see? They have the exact same ears. Too funny.


Speaking of which, here's a good example of Sam's ears. Hehehehe....his ears make me giggle. So anyway, yesterday we went back for his weight check, where the Dr. was "ok" with his is weight gain. He stayed right at the 10th percentile mark. And we're good with that. Because we have come to accept that we make little kids. :) Kate is small, and so Sam probably will be too.

I thought I'd include an older video of Sam crawling. It was taken a few weeks ago. He is much faster at it now. So much so that I am constantly rescuing him from places he gets stuck. Like in the bathroom. Mommies aren't allowed to take showers, you know.

It's all going to be jumbled, but that's ok

Sam's Xmas Eve
So I've had so much going on and really no time to deal with any of it. Ok I lie, there was time, but with so much going on, I haven't felt like dealing with it. That's a much more accurate assessment of the situation. I was going to try and go over the events of the past few weeks in chronological order, but I decided to save myself the headache, I would just go over things as I came to them. So tonight, we'll talk about Christmas. The above picture is my favorite from Christmas. I love my little rocker man. He fell asleep fairly early on Christmas Eve. We spend the night before Christmas with Miguel's family. We had a typical Chilean dinner of Pastel de Choclo and Umitas and Cuchiflii. And then we had Miguel's sausage stuffing, scrimps, and London Broil. Miguel also had me make a cake consisting of 4 layers, alternating chocolate and red velvet with chocolate frosting filling and a creme cheese frosting on the outside. It was very rich, but very yummy. Katie is a very spoiled little girl and her Christmas consisted of some wonderful booty which is she is slowly working her way through. We spent Christmas morning having the kids open their presents. Katie's favorite and most cherished presents were the Eva and Wall-e robots that interact with one another and the Wall-e movie. She LOVED them and they were even allowed to sleep in the bed for just one night(insert me muttering under my breath and rolling my eyes here). After that Miguel enjoyed a British Christmas morning breakfast of pork pie and then we shared Christmas with the rest of my family followed by a yummy Christmas dinner and many yummy treats. If anyone was wondering what Miguel and I got each other, I am sure you are aware that I got my camera. Miguel received from me a Stud Bar (please, it's not what you think, lol). It's so we can do pull ups at home. The new year I am sure will bring many more workouts and most of them I am also sure will include pull ups. :) So there are very few pictures on flickr of Christmas (click on Christmas to see them :) ). I just picked a few of the best ones. I didn't take many, just a couple of the important moments. And even then I didn't feel the need to flood you with all of those. So enjoy. My next few posts will be about vacation a couple of weeks ago and the other random events of the past few days.

So dear Christmas, why is it you hate me so?

My worst sicknesses always come around Christmas. Normally the stomach flu And said stomach flu had no intentions of letting this year go. So here I sit with a LONG laundry list of things to do and no energy to do it with. Not to mention having to try to do them in between bathroom trips. Sam had it first Thursday and Friday. I started coming down with it on Friday and hit me full blown today and yesterday. My only hope is that I will be all better tomorrow. Or at least mostly. I don't care about the eating part. I just want to be able to function. So my Christmas wish is this....Please, oh Please let me feel better tomorrow.

On a side note, if I hadn't already mentioned this at some point. Sam is officially crawling. Like a across the room and down the hall crawling. Like crawling from the play area to mommy and pulling up on her pants leg. I did manage somehow last night to get video of the said crawler. But have also somehow managed to lose the cable that connects the camera to the pc....le sigh. I'll post it when I can. It is totally cute.

Yellow Ledbetter

We're home. Seven days and many many many many miles later. It was a very good vacation. Lots of much needed rest, sight seeing, and new experiences for the kids. Our new car has XM built in and I do say that we loved it all the way home. They have a 90's rock station that was on a good portion of the trip back. Which leads me to the title of the post. Coming home after a long road trip is very much like a hearing a favorite song. It brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. And not to mention some toe tapping and dancing (well in my seat :) ). We thoroughly enjoyed the trip, but it was so good to pull into the driveway and know there were no more long drives ahead of us. I am tired tonight and only just finished our Christmas cards, so I promise to go through the 800 pictures I took and find a few of my favorites. I tried to go through them on my laptop, but it's color renditions and contrast is a poor substitute for my Miguel's mac daddy monitors.
I do have one big announcement that I was over the moon about.....
Sam finally has his two bottom teeth!!!! Yay!!!!! He got the first one on Friday and the second one today. Now only the rest of his teeth to go. LOL
So anyway, I'll be back to post later in the week all the details and pics from the trip. Till then...smooches.

High above and between the clouds........

Sam had his first plane ride yesterday. He did so much better than I had anticipated. He cried briefly as we got on because he was hungry. But as soon as he was fed, he was happily contented to play with anything he could find and his sister's hair. Katie did well too, very happy to be on her way to see Grandma and Grandpa and watch Max and Rub episodes on the laptop. I will say the hardest part of flying with 2 kids for us was not the actual flight, but the getting through the airport and on the flight. Blech...not easy trying to rush and hurry with a baby strapped to you and a 3 year old in the stroller, my camera bag, diaper bag, purse, carry-on, and laptop bag between the two of us.

We had a chill day today and went to see Santa. Katie was excited to see him this year and ACTUALLY sat in his lap. Sam had no problem with Santa. But then Sam doesn't have a problem with many people. My happy little boy. :)


Did you know....

This is how they sleep
That my kids always end up in bed with us. Every morning, without fail. It's nice in a way. Although Kate is already starting to get a bit big for this practice. Sam might start the night out in his bassinet (yes he's still in the room with us), Kate starts the night out in her bed (on the floor, in our room, yes, she's also still in the room with us, no judgments please). And inevitably at some point they both end up in our bed. It's sweet and I love cuddling with my kids. They love cuddling together too. They sleep best when they can sleep next to one another. One day soon I know that they'll need to sleep in their own rooms, but for now I am enjoying it. I would miss their sweet little faces in the morning. And I love how when Sam wakes up for the day, he gets up on all fours and grabs my nose or simply looks at me and keeps saying, "goooo" and "ooooohhhh" until I wake up. Is it possible he's trying to say "good morning"? Nah...... I love it too when Kate wakes up and leans over gives Miguel a kiss (yes, she's a Daddy's girl, through and through)and says "Good Morning, Daddy." Or she gives me a great huge hug right when she wakes up and says, "I LOVE you, Mommy." with all the emphasis on "love". Life is good.

I have it and it's MINE

LOL. I got my new camera. And although I haven't had time to play with it much, so far I love it. Pictures are totally usable even at ISO 1600. Love it. I took a couple of quick pics of the kids today. I've snapping other photos just to get used to it. But these were the ones where I was serious about getting it right. :)It's super fast and there is way more detail in these pics and I can crop them more. Love it.


Christmas is coming....and it's coming fast.....

We aren't even done yet and your eating the candy already? Christmas is getting under way here at the Beher household. Katie was desperate to decorate a gingerbread house and so we did. But before we could even finish it, she started eating it. Oh well, what can you expect from a candy crazed 3 year old? The start of Christmas season was even complete with a snow flurry or two yesterday.Which induced another sort of frenzy out of Kate before she was even dressed for the day. So jacket and crocs were on lickity split and out the door she went to enjoy the first wintry mix of the season.

catching snowflakes on her tongue

Incredibly early for Georgia, but enjoyable and exciting none the less, however brief it may have been. I've included the picture in a larger size so you can see the snow/sleet in the picture for your viewing pleasure. I should probably explain that the tongue sticking out was Kate's attempt at catching the snow/sleet on her tongue. I do not believe she was successful as the flakes/sleet where not plentiful. And lastly, but certainly not least, we put up the first of the Christmas decorating, the tree. :) Sam is quite enamored and it's not even done yet. There are still more Christmas ball ornaments and glass breakables to go on there. Maybe I should get Katie to rethink all those glass ornaments she put on the bottom of the tree, eh?

Katie's first bowling experience

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent most of ours what we love to do, cook. Oh and eat. LOL Katie got to go bowling for the first time on Sunday at my nephew's 11th birthday party. She L-O-V-E-D it! She had a blast. So much so we took her again yesterday. Katie even got a strike both yesterday and on Sunday. Of course, she has a ton of help, with the bumper lanes and the ramp. :) Katie has also recently become obsessed with putting on makeup. We bought a kids make up kit to play around with for her birthday and it is now out all the time. I can't tell you how often I turn around to find her covered in makeup. It's totally cute though. Except now when I am putting my own makeup on, she always tells me she needs "mascara". Have you seen her lashes? She may never ever need mascara, lucky girl.

Busy week

Here's a few of my favorites from my other shoot this past week. Thanks to Michelle and her family!


Saturday's shoot....

I had a shoot this past Saturday and just thought I would share a few of my favorites. Enjoy! Thanks to Kelly and her family!


Happy Half Year Boogie!

For those of you who aren't around us a whole lot, that's what we often call Sam. It started because every time I said "boogie" when he was very very tiny, he smiled at me. :) And it's just kind of stuck. I like to sing that song to him too, "...Boogie woogie bugle boy...". That normally gets at least a chuckle from him these days. So I digress. I suppose you might be interested in his stats. If not, enjoy them anyways. LOL
He's little. 15 lbs 1 oz and 26 inches. It wouldn't be so bad him being little if he hadn't fallen off of his growth curve. So as Dr's generally tend to get when babies do that, ours was concerned. So I have to try my best to fatten him between now and the day after Christmas. Just like a turkey. ;) Developmentally, he's doing excellently. He passes things between his hands, he sits up, he inch worms, rolls over, pulls himself up to standing and kneeling, and even rocks on all fours in that threatening to crawl way. He's just on the small side. In fact, 90 percent of his peers are bigger than him, poor thing. Or so THEY say anyway. Katie did do something similar like this too when she was a baby, but not nearly as drastic. I am sure he his fine. We just make small kids. :)

Oh and quick let me address the photo. This was during our Christmas card shoot attempts. It was an idea, that didn't really work, I admit. But the look on his face is priceless. To me it says, "Mom, really?".

Some contenders for the Christmas card shots

And I say contenders, because my dear sweet Kate refused to take a bath or shower before the pics so her hair is not as I would have liked. I am going to see if she will redo them in the morning, but I do not have high hopes. So we shall see. They are still cute none the less.


Oh poor blog, how I have ignored thee....


You all know I am normally much better about updating my blogs fairly often, but it just seems life is so busy lately. Sam is a much more active little thing now. Wanting to be mobile and all that jazz. He's almost crawling. He kind of scoots and reaches, but is also doing the whole rock on all fours thing. I think Katie was crawling for real within a month of that whole business. He also sits up more than lies down now and is into EVERYTHING. Especially Daddy's new and nifty G1. Sam looks like an addict when Miguel pulls it out. Or better yet, he looks like Gollum (ok, a much cuter version)when he sees the ring in Lord of the Rings. Anyway, Sam's 6 month appointment is on Thursday and tomorrow I am hoping to do his 6 month pics. So you'll get the rest of his half year update later.

Katie is doing well. Enjoying her homeschooling a whole lot. She's likes to do it everyday. I see this as a good thing in that she obviously likes it and thinks it's fun. She is currently OBSESSED with that new Pink song, "So What". She knows almost all of the words. We are currently working on weaning her off of that one onto maybe, hopefully, Coldplay or Weezer or really anything else at this point. And not that I have a problem with Pink, I like her and the song. But one can only here it so many times, before one begins to lose one's mind when said song is on. Still it is cute when Kate wants to sing you a song and she starts out with, "I just lost my....Na na na na na na....". :) Her behavior is much improved since we pulled her out of preschool. So we are totally happy about that. She interacts a lot more with Sam. Probably more because he is interacting more with her, and it is so cute. I hope for them a close and happy siblinghood. Yeah, that's right, I just made up that word. LOL

Oh and here's some exciting news. We sold the truck after having it listed for 6 days. Yup, we know how to sell stuff. Or we just have incredibly good luck. We sold our house in 6 weeks. And I don't just mean got an offer in 6 weeks, we actually closed the sale 6 weeks after we listed it. So I am sending all my "quick sell" dust to my friend Robin whose about to put her own house on the market. ;) So if you know anyone looking......

And now it's time for a plug....

If you know anyone looking for a nice, fully loaded pick up truck for just under $10k. let me know. Or better yet have them email me. You can see the full Craig's List ad here. It's the same as what will be listed on autotrader.com soon. Here's a few pictures too. Help a sista out ya'll. ;)


So what are the other reasons I haven't been around?

Mainly, that I took Katie out of school and that I joined the Crossfit gym with Miguel. The whole process of going to the gym, working out and coming back home takes about an hour and half. Doesn't sound like a long time, but you know there is a lot I would normally get done in an hour and a half at home. I don't know if anyone else looks at it this way, but I do. Every hour of my day basically has a goal. I don't always reach them, but the goals are there. In any case, yesterday was my first day there, we did a workout called Fight Gone Bad. I think I have posted the link before as to what Crossfit is, but in case you missed it. Check it out here. I promise, I am not crazy. :) The workouts are addicting. And the results are phenomenal. Oh and I should mention, I do the workouts way scaled down. I am not lifting 65lbs over my head, yet. Miguel has had me doing somewhat of a Crossfit workout since August. In August I wore a size 16, now a size 10. So with some prompting from Miguel, I decided to join him and actually go to the gym and workout. I am hoping to get in really good shape and get to a size 6 by next summer. As most of you women may know, it is SO hard to get from an 8 to a 6, so that's why the goal is so far out.
As to taking Kate out of preschool.... Things just were not working out for us there. Mostly it had to do with her behavior at home after school and then a few things I just did not like about her being there with a class so much younger than her. We've been doing a school type program at home, and have started a home school co-op with Robin and Mr. Caleb. It's been going really well so far and Katie loves it. She actually asks to do her "school work". Which consists of the preschool workbooks, major amounts of "art" time, some time spent trying to get her to understand how to use the computer, a good amount of story time, P.E., music time, and tomorrow we start some basic Spanish. Which by the way if you didn't know, she's half Chilean, so it's about time we start teaching it to her. Most of it she's sees as playtime with the exception being the work books. But I've been impressed with the rate she flies through those. So I'll continue to do this with her for awhile and we'll see how it goes. Hopefully well, if not, we'll figure something else out.
In any case, I'll post some pictures of her art projects later, because they are so cute and they'll give you a smile, or maybe a laugh. Till later ya'll.

Why haven't I been around lately?

Because I've been busy. LOL Makes perfect sense doesn't it? I had another shoot over the weekend with Melody and her beautiful kids. It was the continuation of a shoot we had to cut short earlier. I had an AHA! moment with my studio lighting and think I have finally got a set up I am happy with. Now, just to improve upon it. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the shoot. Thanks to Melody!


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