Better Late than Never

Us in front of the White House
So I finally have a few minutes to sit down and go through all of the pics from our trip in December. I am still missing the pictures from Asheville, but I have all the ones from PA and DC on Flickr. Well all the ones I am willing to share. ;) The above picture is the only picture of the 4 of us ever. Well, I think maybe except from when Sam was born. I think there is one there of the 4 of us. In any case, Sam was cold and Kate had a busted mouth and tooth. It was a good time anyways. So check out the rest of the pics of the Washington trip and the Pennsylvania trip. Which, don't forgot were all the same trip. Long drive but so worth it to have our new car. Did I tell you guys how much I LOVE our new car? It's the bomb. The best ever. Anyway, when I find the Asheville pics, I'll be sure to add those in too.

Sam is 8 months old!!

Sam w/texture

Can you believe that? He turned 8 months old on Caleb's 4th birthday. :) Which just so happens to be the day I took the above picture. As soon as I am through with all this sickness and yuckiness, I hoping to be able to do some cute and sweet portraits with him. In just under 4 months I'll be having is 1st Birthday party. Wow.....time sure does fly by so so fast!!!! So anyway, on to what he's doing and not doing, etc. :) As I am sure you all are dying to know. He still will not say "Mama", he calls me "Dadad", or so it seems to me. Incidentally, he calls Miguel, "Dad". So at least he differentiates. He's become a super clingy baby. He will happily go to anyone, BUT, he will only give you a few minutes. As soon as he sees me, he does the "jellyfish" (you know throws himself backwards like a limp ragdoll) and cries until you give him back to me.'s cute and it makes a Momma feel needed, but all the same, it's exhausting. He's started trying to wave and clap his hands. He still does it close-fisted, but he's getting there. He is a full blown crawler. Chases me around the entire house. Get's into stuff he shouldn't. He's also a climber. Miguel and I came into the living room (it's gated with plenty of play toys) to find him on top of a box I had innocently left next to the couch, trying to climb up onto the couch. Yes, ladies he is a full blown boy. He can be mean to boot. Likes to grab noses and faces. Oh and arms to pull himself up. Yup he pulls himself up too and is starting to cruise. He's trying to get the hang of pushing around his push toys, but he doesn't have the balance yet. He likes to have us walk him around the room and anywhere really. He'd much prefer to be on his feet, but he's probably a couple of months away from that first step. But, God help me, because when this little man gets to walking, my life will be much much HARDER. He's crazy....takes after his Dad I presume. ;) So there's the update on what used to be my laid back little baby. He's totally doing a 180 on me now. In a sense I had prepared myself for that. In another sense, I still wasn't ready for it.

Happy 4th Birthday Caleb!

Caleb blowing out the candles #2
I know we haven't been around much lately, but that's because things have just been so so crazy. In any case we went to Caleb's 4th Birthday party yesterday. Katie had tons of fun as usual, and I believe Caleb did too. I got to be the impromptu photographer of the day so I have a ton of pics to share. If you'd like to see them, check out Flickr. I'll be back later on with a more informative and interesting post. :) But right now, my lazy butt needs to go workout. Those size 6 jeans won't fit anytime soon, if I don't go bust my butt.

Emma's Birthday Party

We were invited to Emma's 4th birthday party yesterday (Thank You Heather!), and Kate had a blast. As did Sam. :) It was at Kangazoom, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for an awesome place for a birthday party. Especially where there might be babies around too. The kids bounced, slid, ran, hopped, you name it. Kate had pizza and cupcakes and got tons of candy from the pinata, so it was a total hit with her. Sam and Claire actually noticed one another yesterday. But they were more interested in scratching one another than any actual playing. One day soon, I know they'll be chasing one another around just like Kate and Caleb. And it'll be one day all too soon. Sniff..sniff...these kids grow up fast ya know! To see more pics from the party yesterday, check out Flickr.

Let's go back to New Year's Eve

So I never got to post about it because I came down with the flu on New Year's Eve. I was fine until very late into the evening, when I started to feel just icky. But anyway. We spent the evening with Miguel's family and had lots to drink. :) Is there really any more to say than that? The above picture was the first one of the New Year and it turned out pretty well. Even the subject looks decent (for as much as he had to drink already). LOL Alex and Connie made a yummy Chilean drink called Cola de mono. There were many other drinks too, but honestly I don't remember anymore. In any case, Sam and I woke up the next morning, sick as a dogs and not from alcohol. Spent the first 3 days of the New Year on the couch or in bed and I am only now feeling like myself. Not exactly my most favorite way to bring in the New Year, but hey maybe that way the rest of the year can only get better right? Right? If you'd like to see other pics from the night, you can see them on Flickr. I will tell you now that my flash does not work on my new camera, so therefore the pics are a little....artsy. Yeah, we'll leave it at that. Yup.

Some cute late Christmas pics

Caleb and Claire...
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