The continual rain..much needed...but...'s making us a little crazy. I miss our park time. I thought today was going to be a nice day, but alas, it's very cool (weather wise), windy, and overcast. Not to mention the ground is soggy as all get out. So anyway, yesterday during the breaks in the rain, I let the kids play with bubbles and then while it rained, they played in the rain. Even Sam got into the rain, a little. He's not fond of water falling on his head, but he got what enjoyment he could out of it. :)

The boy loves wheels.
If you close at this one, you can see our reflections in the bubble. :)

My kids have the best eyelashes


I don't think there is much more I can say about those lashes following the pics. My kids are blessed to have them.
Oh and remember the homemade birdseed pine cones from last week? They were eaten and then stolen. Presumably by an opossum or a raccoon or maybe a really strong squirrel. I say squirrel, because they've been at the left over bird seed all day. Katie enjoys the squirrels.


Oh and on a totally different note. Katie now plays and talks to her imaginary friends known only as "The Kids". Everything we do, we do with The Kids. Apparently there are a bunch of them, because there are some girls and some boys. And often only some of the kids are very naughty. It's so cute. Sometimes a little creepy, I have to admit, but cute nonetheless.

Dude, it's

So I had to post this quick before I forget.
Sam likes to sit over the A/C vents and wait for the air to come on. Today he was sitting in the A/C vent in the kitchen while Kate and I were eating a snack. I heard the A/c kick on and went to go see his reaction. He was all kicking and giggling in excitement when I see him blow like he's blowing out a candle. :) LOL Too cute. So I say "You like the air, don't you Sam? ". He looks at me and blows again. Again, too cute. So all I said the next time was "air" and Sam did it again. Could it be that my little non talker knows or understands more than he lets on? I think just maybe he does, just maybe.

Some more pics and homemade birdfeeders.

Kate and I went on one of our flower walks yesterday and I took my camera. I got a ton of great pics of her and it was such a beautiful day. In the afternoon we made bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed. I know the birds (or possibly the squirrels) have been at them, but we haven't actually seen them yet. We also spent a good amount of time, just playing in the backyard. Katie doing one of her favorite past times, just running up and down the hills. :) So anyway, I'm just going to list all the pics, because I'm tired and lazy today.

Sitting under the dogwood.
Yellow weed
In the grass
Katie making her pinecone birdfeeders
Pinecone birdfeeders
Sam, 10 months outdoors
Sam, cyan texture
The pinwheel, funky processing
Running in the backyard
Laying in the grass warm vintage glow
Laying in the grass
Sitting by the side of the road
Sitting on the rocks
The first dandelion

The renewal called Spring

So spring is officially back today. :) And I, for one, couldn't be happier. Katie was more than happy and excited to see all of the flowers blooming as we walked around the backyard. I can't wait to plant our vegetable garden. So here's some pics of Kate and spring.


Would you believe.....


...that Sam is already 10 months old, as of yesterday to be exact. Crazy how quickly time goes by when they are little like this. Nothing much new of interest to report I suppose. There are cute little excerpts like the other day I found Sam brushing Molly (our doggy) with my hair brush. LOL I impressed on two fronts, one that he was so gently with her and two, that he knew what to do with it. He's still not really talking. A lot of babbling and singing, but nothing more than "Hi Dad" or the occasional "doggie" and "Eeeeee" when trying to get Katie's attention. He's definitely an observer. Very quite, but constantly absorbing everything around him. He's very stable on his feet when standing, and can stand in the middle of the floor for forever, but he's still a little cautious about actually walking per say. He'll take a step once in awhile, but that's about it. He's definitely a climber. I still haven't figured out yet how he's done it, but he has escaped out of the play area and made it all the way up the stairs to the kitchen before. And he does it quickly too. I suppose it's time to start planning his first birthday party. It won't be anything too big, probably a bbq with a cake. Another month and you can be expecting to see some smash the cake session pics with my little man. Oh and you might be wondering about the pic....I'm not sure either. I just liked it and then I played with it to do some different editing.

The faces of Kate

Q. What does a photographer do on a rainy afternoon with her kids?

The faces of Kate #5
The faces of Kate #4
The faces of Kate #3bw
The faces of Kate #2
The faces of Kate #1

Something a little least for me.

I took Kate and Sam out yesterday during the brief break from the rain. We stopped in old Norcross for some picture taking time on our way to see Grandma, Natalie and Freddy. :)


Family shoot

I also had a shoot last weekend. So I thought I would share a few from that one. :) Thanks to Dave and Sarah and their sweet kids.

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