"Mommy, Look at my Kite!"


This is a picture of Katie's kite that she drew on the cement yesterday. She was very proud of it and declared to me that it was a kite after she was done. This is a picture of her actually drawing the kite and playing hopscotch.

My Friend, My Caleb

Aunt Robin and Caleb came over today for a play date. First we met them at the park, where we played in the tunnel
Playing in the tunnel.
ran across the field
Caleb, wait for me!
played with the bubble
Cool bubble
played on the slides

Playing on the slide
then we came home and played in Katie's room
Katie and Caleb playing Kitchen
played with Birthday Bear

Caleb likes Birthday Bear tooHappy Birthday Bear
and a lot more stuff. We had a lot of fun today and Katie is still going even now.

I really like this cup.

It just makes me smile. :)And here is an outline of them against the office window of the two moo cows kissing. I really wanted to get Katie to take a nice picture today, but she would not cooperate at all. Oh well, maybe another day, like when she's 2 or 3 years older. So here's one that turned out cute. Although, she refuses to look at the camera. And one of Katie being sad because Grandma and Grandpa went back home. Oh and also upset that she slept through going to the airport. She wanted to see the airplanes.

Funky Picture

I took this picture yesterday for my 365 Project. I am actually leaning up against the wall below the flower in Katie's room. I was so exhausted yesterday by the end of the day and Katie insisted on playing in there. At least she likes it. :) I didn't really adjust anything in the picture except for the blue level. It's definitely different.

A boo boo and a room

So yesterday Katie slipped when she got out of the shower. Fell flat on her face. Yes, she did cry a lot and insisted on repeating to her Daddy how she fell when she got out of the shower. Poor thing. If you click on the picture you can see it larger and clearly where she banged up her face pretty good. On another note, I think I pretty much have Katie's room ready for her. I moved her out of the room she was in because it's painted blue. How perfect for Sam, so it made more sense. Plus the crib furniture was already in there. Easy decision. So I took some pictures of it. I think it looks like such a little girls room. And the beds in there are the ones my brother and I slept on until I was like 12, I think. I like it. Now just to start getting Sam's room ready. He'll be here in 17 weeks. Just over 4 months I guess. Maybe sooner if the dreams I keep having come true. I just keep telling him he can't come any sooner than 38 weeks. :)

Recent 365 Project Pictures

So for anyone interested, I am still doing the 365 project. If you want to check out those pictures, there is a link on the left side of the blog or check it out here .
Here's one of my favorite ones.

It Snowed! Again!!

I couldn't really remember the last time it snowed before Wednesday. And then we were lucky enough to get snow again! We actually got about 2 1/2 inches here I think. Most of it has already melted, but there should be enough left tomorrow morning for Katie and I to make the massive snow ball I promised her we'd make. Here's is one of Miguel throwing a massive snow ball at me. Here's a picture of the bushes about 2 hours or so after it started snowing. And then a follow up picture about 4 hours after it started snowing. Lots of snow! Here's a picture of Katie and her Daddy starting to build a snowman, which never made it much further because they destroyed it. LOL I guess that was more fun. So Katie was insistent on playing on her playset this afternoon. So after she spent some time clearing it off, she went head first down the slide into the snow. I guess she thought this was just too cool and proceeded to do it several more time. Crazy kid. :) And apparently sitting in the snow is a lot of fun too. I guess when you have an awesome snow suit on, it's not a problem. And the final picture is Miguel all suited up to be out in the snow. He has an awesome job that allows him to work from home on days like this. :)

Some pretty pictures of Katie and the snow

Here are a few more pictures of Katie in the snow and of a little snowman we made. Not enough snow to make a real snowman, but, hey, we tried. Oh and this last one is my 365 from today. Before the snow, Katie and I were drawing on the driveway with chalk. And this is how dirty our hands got.

"It's official, there is snow in the fro."

LOL! That is actually what one news reporter said on the news today while reporting on the snow. It was too funny. We never get snow like we got tonight down here in the south. So of course it was a big news story.
It was exciting for us too, because it was Katie's first real experience with snow. She loved it. We must have been out in it for a good two hours or more. We tried to teach her how to catch snow on her tongue, but she was more interested in kicking it around. :) It was a great day.So Here are some pictures of the day. Katie staring up into the sky, totally amazed by all the snow. Where we were trying to teach Katie how to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Here's another one where I was trying to take a picture of just how much it was snowing. It was pretty crazy. They were huge wet snowflakes. The kind that make great snowballs. (Insert evil laugh here)And a cute picture of Katie walking around on the deck in the snow. It's too bad it mostly snowed after it got dark. She would have enjoyed playing in it more. And this last one is just a cool one I shot of the pot on the deck with a little bit of snow in it.

Ok. Can I brag about my little Katie for a minute?

She was watching her morning dose of Blue's Clues, and they were doing the alphabet train where they match up items with the letter. IE, ice cream for I, pumpkin for P. Well my little smarty pants was matching them up before he said anything on the tv. I was so impressed. I know she knows all her letters, but didn't realize she could match up items to go with the letters. I guess it makes sense. We read the baby Einstein alphabet books which give three words for each letter. She can also site read a couple of words like Grandma, duck, ToysRUs (I know that one is funny, but she recognizes the name written in lowercase or uppercase). I know there are a couple more here and there, but those are ones I can remember. I know this is a total bragging post, but I am SO proud of her. :)

Oh and did I forget to mention....

Daddy's girlPlease Katie?

....how much we love spending time with our baby girl? :) She is so much fun these days. Not that she hasn't always been a ton of fun. But she is even more so the older she gets.

A few random pictures and my 365 project

So here are just a couple of random pictures I have taken.The first one is of the ducks by the river at sunset. And then the second one I actually took close to mid day today. Both of them were way underexposed, but I thought it was a neat effect. These last two are from the 365 project. The first one is from today. Katie and I were standing on the driveway saying goodbye to her daddy as he went back to work from lunch. I thought it would look neat to take a picture of our shadows with the texture of the driveway.The second one is a picture of me looking at my junior year high school picture. I was actually thinking there would be a lot I would tell myself back then. But then I'd be a different person probably right?

Caleb is turning 3!

So Katie went to Caleb's birthday party yesterday and had a blast! She was so upset when we left. And since has been asking to see him again. Awwww....Caleb seemed to have a good time too. And all the kids actually got along with very little fighting. That's practically unheard of. LOL Caleb's Nana made a very cool pirate cake, which was also very tasty. Mmmmm.....a piece sounds really good around about now. Katie was actually so upset at having to leave Caleb last night that I bribed her with going to the park. Little manipulative 2 year olds. :)I probably could have bribed her with something that wouldn't have kept me on my feet longer, but at least it kept her outside. She ended up passing out at about 8pm last night. I wouldn't have been far behind her, but who goes to bed at 8pm? LOLOh and here's one last picture of Katie at the park in the swing. Do you know it's the first time I've EVER been able to capture her without any blurriness AND she's smiling in a swing?I don't know but the picture just reminds me of being a kid and swinging in the park. Kate's got it all right now.
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