Butterfly Festival

So today, despite it being 96 degrees out, I took the kids to the Butterfly Festival at the Dunwoody Nature Center. Katie really enjoyed herself. Sam, not so much, of course because he really didn't understand what we were doing. In any case, Katie got to make a few butterfly themed crafts, feed the butterflies sugar water in the butterfly tent, listen to a preschool type concert in the "meadow", and play in the creek. We actually made it 2 1/2 hours before Sam just lost it with me. Too hot, hungry, thirsty, tired, you name it, he was. So here are the pics from the day. Enjoy! Tomorrow we are headed to Sweet Water Creek Ruins for a photog get together that should be a blast. I hope to have a ton of pics from that tomorrow.


Ultimate Playdate

So Sara had talked about this Ultimate Playdate last week and last minute today I decided to take the kids up there when Sara invited us. It was a blast!! I am pretty sure we will be returning next, along with our bathing suits to enjoy the creek. The kids got to tumble on a tumbling ramp, play in bubbles, jump on a mini trampoline, dance on stage to the musician, hula hoop, and just generally run around. Of course, Katie's very most favorite part was doing forward rolls on the ramp. Which for some reason, I have no pictures of, but you all can use your imaginations on this one. So Kate and Avery played with all that stuff, Sam and Zoe ate and wandered around the park. So here are some pics to enjoy of our little adventure today. It was so worth sitting in the heat for. :)


Haircuts and Hoses

So yesterday we took the kids to get haircuts. Sam to even out his hair so it will grow out more evenly, Katie to shorten it and make it more manageable.
It was Sam's first haircut, which is why this little trip even made news anyway. :)
He was ok at first in Miguel's lap, but the more she messed with him, the more upset he got. Until it ended with Miguel holding Sam's head in his hands so the nice hairdresser could finish her job. Poor Sam, such a crime to have your hair cut, isn't it little man?


Katie of course, enjoyed her haircut and was more than willing to show it off afterwards in the backyard.

And as is the normal schedule for our days this summer, the kids played in the hose until it was dinner time.

Good times, good times...

My sister and her family were in town to visit this past week, and we had a blast with them.
We went tubing down the river in Helen, played in the backyard with the hose, swimming at my other sister's house, playing at Zamba Funland, shopping at the mall for Sydney's bday, and then finally Syd's bday party. Katie misses everyone, she wanted me to say. Most of these pics are my sis's pics. I was in a non pic taking mood, but that's ok, because at least someone was. :)

People tubing down the river.
Tubing on the Chattahoochee
Hans and Gretel in Helen (aka J and Syd)

Super sour face at lunch in Helen

Playing in the hose in the backyard.

The kids swimming in the pool

Racing at Zambq

Syd about to blow out the candles on her cake. IMG_8719
And all the cousins together. Awwww......

A picture post of my adorably sweet kiddos.

brother and sister
laying on the grass together
the roll
the jump

Nothing really to write about

Nothing really all that interesting to write about, yet, anyways. We've just been hanging out, enjoying the backyard, swimming, watching movies, and going to the zoo. Nothing too exciting, nothing ground breaking. I did think I would log in and share some pics. Oh and one of these days I HAVE to get video of Sam dancing. It has got to be the cutest thing ever!!! I tell ya, I think this stage between 12 and 18 months is my favorite. I mean, yeah, Sam's a handful, but it is so fun. And he is such a fun loving, happy kid. It makes it all that much better. So here's some pics for ya'll to enjoy. :)

Baby Orangutan and his Mommy. Awwwww.....

Black Mamba...thank goodness for the glass...

Katie playing in her pool

My current favorite pic of my Katie girl

Picking Dandelions

Blowing Dandelions

Animals, lions, sharks, whales, and turtles! Oh My!


Last weekend we went to the zoo. This weekend we went to the aquarium. My brother was in town and has wanted to see the aquarium for awhile, so off we went. Katie enjoyed them both equally. Although, I think if truth be told, maybe the aquarium won out slightly. Her favorite exhibit at the zoo were the free flying parakeets that you could feed. And then her favorite exhibit at the aquarium was the octopus. So here are some pics to enjoy. It was dark in the aquarium and I am a no flash girl, so some of them are super grainy. :)

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