While we were at the beach.....

You may remember me saying that I took some family pictures of Robin and her family. I also did Claire's 4 month pictures while were there. I thought I would go back and post my favorite pics from then for you guys to enjoy. I am particularly fond of the tutu pictures and the sunset picture. :)

Lester Family

Last Thursday....

So last Thursday, we did a lot. Katie had gymnastics class, which she really enjoys. I have yet to get any good pictures from it, but once I do I will post some of Katie doing gymnastics. After that we went to the Dr's office for Sam's 4 month check up. He did really well. Showed off for the nurses and Dr. Winner his amazing head control and strength. He came in at 25 inches and 14lbs 4.8 ozs, 50th percentile for both. Completely average. Just the way I like it, well for height and weight anyway. While we were waiting for the Dr. Katie felt the need to give Sam tons of hugs. I think in comfort, because she knows about those shots that come after a Dr.'s visit. It was very sweet, and I just happened to have my camera around. :) After the Dr.'s visit we went to the North Georgia State Fair. It was a lot of fun for us. Especially since neither Miguel nor I had ever been to a fair before. Not that I can remember anyway. Katie didn't like any of the rides except the caterpillar roller coaster and the Merry-go-round, but hey she's only 3 and Mommy and Daddy couldn't go on the rides with her. But she was a good sport about it. She at least tried the rides. Here's a link to all the pictures from the fair, if you are interested in looking. It was a fun night and thank you to my sister for inviting us along. :)

Here's a few more of my favorites...

I can't help posting because they are just so cute!


Just quick before I go to work out

The gas lines are horrendous. Or at least they are here around my house. Only one gas station has gas within a few miles of the house. I went there this morning to get gas for the truck since it only had a 1/4 of a tank. How long do you think I sat in line? 20 mins? 45mins? Nooooo....that would have been an easy wait. I sat in line for ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES. With both kids in the car no less. At least I was lucky enough to get gas I suppose. What struck me most, as does it most times when things like this happen, is people's complete lack of consideration or common decency. I saw people completely bypass the obvious and long line and drive right into the station and pull up behind someone else already at the pump. You know it's only right that everyone should wait their turn like Katie has to do in preschool. I mean seriously, how hard is that? Sorry that you have to wait, but so do we all. There were other things I saw, but that was the one that irritated me the most. I'm over it now, I've ranted, I'm good. Oh and if the gas supply problem goes on much longer, I wonder if we'll see an epidemic of gas siphoning?

For those of you who don't stalk my flickr account..... :)


I thought I would post a couple of my favorites from my shoot with Sara, Mike, and her beautiful girls yesterday. I hope you don't mind Sara, but they turned out so well. First one is Miss Avery, turning 3 very very soon. :) And then this next one is Miss Zoe. I don't think there was really one bad pic in all that I took. It was very hard to choose out of all them. Too cute!

Katie as the Queen Bee

Katie as the Queen Bee
Fairly fitting since that is what she is in the house hold anyways. :) This is her Halloween outfit. It has wings and antennae and stockings, and we are using her ballet slippers for shoes. The tutu didn't originally come with the outfit, I actually found it at Goodwill when I was looking for props. Can't beat that though. It was a great coincidence. This was the best picture I could get of her. She wouldn't sit still for more than 3 seconds. It's about as bad as trying to catch Sam sitting before he topples over. Oh, here IS a picture of that. He fell over probably about 2 seconds after this picture. But he's getting there.

Sam and the hat #2.

Katie's birthday invitation....

Ain't it cute?


And the other little munchkin

Oatmeal is yummy

Sam had his first taste of Oatmeal the other day. He ate it up, although I am not too sure he was thrilled about it. Sometimes he smiled, sometimes he just razzed it out at me. Yucky. Nothing like baby oatmeal showers. LOL

I also got some video in his jumpster, because he LOVES that thing. He loves to be on his feet and he's constantly moving when he's awake. :) Good exercise for the boy. I also have on my flickr some video of him laughing and whining at the same time and also some of him "eating" oatmeal.

Katie will be turning 3 soon....

Katie turns 3

I took Kate out yesterday to get some "nice" pictures of her, so I can have them printed and sent out. And she did fairly well, of course we had use chocolate, "can you see the monkey in my camera?", and the "tell me a story" tricks to get eye contact. :) BUt it worked and they are super cute. Here's the link to all of them. She is growing up fast now. She started a gymnastics class last week and she is really enjoying school. She wakes up every morning asking if it's time to go to school. She is very verbal and very opinionated. She loves her baby brother and loves to help me with him. I am very proud of how she is developing and I hope that her 4th year brings us and herself as much joy as her 3rd year has.

So....they are done....finally....

The last boardwalk

I only just finished going through all the vacation pictures today. The last bunch are mostly landscapes. The particular one I am showcasing here was taken by my hubby.:) He can rock it when he wants to. Of course, I did the editing, but the original was pretty good. So they are all on Flickr now. Well the ones I want you guys to see at least. ;) LOL Here's the link to the beach pics. Or just scroll down and check out the slideshow from the other day. It should include all of them now.

Why I need lots more clients.......

Canon 5D Mark II

Ok. I have to post this because it's beautiful

One of Miguel's relatives is a classical guitarist in Chile. This is video of him playing one of his compositions on tv in Chile. Just beautiful.....

Welcome to your 5th month, Sam!

I love baby toes.

So yesterday was the first day of Sam's 5th month. Which technically makes him 4 months old. :) He is just the most laid back little boy I have ever had the privilege to know. But don't get me wrong that doesn't mean he isn't progressing along at a good clip. He is in the beginning stages of sitting up by himself. He can sit slightly hunched over by himself for a good while. But it'll be another month or two before he's sitting up perfectly straight without me worrying about him toppling over face first into the carpet. He's teething too. I have no idea how long it'll be before those teeth are in. But I suspect that too will take at least another month. His gums are red and inflamed and there is the ever present drool. Sam has also found his toes and he loves to play with them. As well he insists on standing on them at every moment. So we had to buy a Jumpster so that he could jump and "walk" around without being attached to mommy and daddy at every moment of the day. He loves the Jumpster. You can see the new found freedom on his face. He's also beginning to inch worm. But he's a ways away from crawling. But it's so neat to see all those little things and know this time what they lead up to. So that's my little update on him right now. I am recharging the video cameras batteries so that I can get some video of him, because he is quite adorable on camera. :)
P.S. I promise he does smile. It's just as soon as I pull out the camera, he stares at it intently. I can't tell if the stare is full of hate, or if he's still trying to figure out what I am doing. LOL
Oh and P.S. x2- I am still working on all of the beach pics. There are so so many. Whew...

Becuase there are so many.......

I am posting the slideshow. There are so so many pictures. I'm going to keep adding more everyday, but for today I am done going through them. I need to go spend some time with my kids. :) Enjoy!

Wow...it's been awhile.

But I've been on vacation ya'll! I have taken way too many pictures, and it's going to take me forever to get through them all. I'll be officially back tomorrow. For now I still have one more night here. It's beautiful today. Tuesday through Thursday were a little crazy courtesy of Hurricane Ike. And tomorrow should be fun trying to drive back with the gas panic. But it's all been well worth it! We've been on the beach everyday, even when it was C-R-A-Z-Y. We swam in the pool, went to Panama City to go to Gulf World and Captain Anderson's, and we explored Apalachicola. I haven't even posted a fraction of the pictures, so I'll come back and post a slide show when I do get through them all.

A blue and green day....

After I picked up Katie from preschool today, we had a blue and green day. :) It was so pretty outside. A beautiful breeze, bright blue skies, and not too terribly warm. I decided Katie should spend as much time as possible outside. Although from what I hear tell, they spent a considerable amount of time outside at school. :) So I got the blue and green sidewalk paint out and let her at it while Miguel was making some exercise equipment for us. Yes, I said making, but that's another post for another time. LOL She did manage to paint the letter "M" and the letter "C" before she broke loose and just started painting as much of the driveway as possible. And then I suggested that she walk around in the paint and then walk around on the driveway and see how many footprints she could leave. She LOVED that. So much so that she decided to get her hands involved in the action. Ya gotta love my artistic almost 3 year old. She just loves any chance to paint, draw, color, stamp, etc. Which would explain why when they don't paint at school, I hear about it ALL DAY. LOL

Here' s one for you

Inspired by Angela from the October 05 ivillage board. :)

Me: Katie?
Katie: Yeah, mommy.
Me: Where are you from?
Katie: I'm not FROM anywhere.

LOL. Silly girl, you have to be from somewhere. But you keep insisting, you're not from anywhere. :)
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