Just a picture I thought was cool


I was playing around trying to get something cool for my 52 Project today. I thought this one was different.

Bubble makers rule


I love the end of the season clearances. They always have a few bubble makers on clearance. I picked one up at the beginning of the season and it never worked right. The one I get for like $2 works just perfectly. :)

Continuing on about yesterday.......

Katie got all sweaty from the bicycle ride and said it "wore her out". That's what she told me today. Kids these days. LOL You can tell that either it was hot out there, or riding a bike up and down these Atlanta hills is hard work for a 2 year old. She even gave me a real smile while we were at the park. Well I mean one in front of the camera. It's so refreshing when she smiles at the camera. And look how thin and handsome my hubby is looking these days. To date he has lost 75 lbs. He also just joined Crossfit to get in better shape. I'm benefiting too because he makes me do all the exercises he has to do there. It hurts, a lot, but I'll still call it benefiting. :) We're working hard at trying to get in shape. Something I haven't done since I was a teenager and dancing my little heart out dreaming one day about being a professional ballerina. Well obviously that never happened. LOL But I am hoping to maybe be in that good a shape soon. It'll just take some grit and determination on my part. Oh and I'm reading about the Zone diet. Well I really wouldn't call it a diet so much as a way of eating. Diets are full of bull. Diets don't work. Believe me, I've been on enough of them to know. I'll let ya'll know how it works for us if we decide to follow it.
Sam and his amazing eyes
And then this morning while I was setting up for the shoot, I used poor Sam as my test model for the lighting. And I came up with that beauty of a shot above. It's delicious.

A baby shoot



My shoot from this morning. Just a couple of my faves.

An evening in the park

A walk in the park-lilyblue

We took Katie to the park on this beautiful day to learn to ride her bike better. And she did. She nailed braking. Thankfully. Now she needs to learn how to follow the path without getting distracted. Tall order for an almost 3 year old. We also had a nice picnic in the grass while we were there. It was so nice and relaxing. I love our park. I'll post more pictures from today later. I posted the one above because I really really like it. Katie is so a Daddy's girl. :)

It's the quiet times

Yesterday as the rain came down outside, the power went out. It's so so quiet here when the power goes out. So I took the kids to the bedroom just to lay around and let Katie color and try and get Sam to go to sleep. Sam went to sleep and Katie was coloring. I decided to read my current Dean Koontz book, Odd Hours. With the quiet and the rain beating on the house, Katie started to get sleepy so she came to lie with me. And laying there with the kids, I decided it would make a great nap time for me too. It was so nice, and such restful sleep. I was kind of disappointed when the power came back on and woke me from my nap. I kind of tend to forget how nice the quiet can be. I always hope for one rainy day at the beach. And there I will spend a rainy day just reading, walking on the beach in the rain, and napping. I can't wait, just under two weeks until our trip. Fingers crossed there won't be a hurricane to spoil everything. We did do other things yesterday besides sleep. Sam is finally big enough for his exersaucer/bouncer thingy. Which is good, because he kind of gets sick of being in the swing when I have things I have to do. Can't blame him poor thing, I would be bored out of my mind too. And Katie got to be goofy, playing around with her dollar store glasses. The child loves to try and make people laugh.

So I am starting a couple of photo projects

One being that I never could get through the 365 project. I made it somewhere over a 100 days, but it just got to be to much with Sam and Kate and trying to get the business going, etc. So with my friend Dasha's urging, I joining her on starting a Project 52. One self portrait every week for a year. I think I can handle that. So the picture to the right here is the second take of my first one in this project. Please excuse the fact that I am not wearing any make up. I'm comfortable enough with myself not wear any, but I do think I look better with some one. :)
I am also going to start a "Letters" Project. The idea is to find naturally occurring objects that look like letters of the alphabet. Now, you can't cheat by taking pictures of letters. It has to be something that just looks like a letter. Like for instance, wrought iron work that looks like the letter "s". Make sense? I think it should be fun. We'll see if I can come up with all 26 letters. :) That's how many letters there are in the alphabet right? LOL Maybe I need to go with Katie to preschool tomorrow. Isn't it sad that I have to question whether I know that fact or not?

So to catch you up on a couple of things....

The reason I am posting a picture of Katie riding a new bike is because it's her reward for being potty trained. We are now full time in big girl panties and she can do the whole process by herself. Very exciting! We've been telling her for months that as soon as she was going peepee and poop in the potty that she would get a big girl bike. So there she is, riding it. She doesn't quite have the braking part down yet. But I know she'll get it. As soon as this tropical system named Faye leaves us alone sometime by the end of the week, we'll be heading to the park to get some real practicing in. :) She can steer and pedal with the best of them, but the whole she needs to stop before crashing into the car thing needs the most practice.

Books are cool....

I need to print myself up one like this. It was really cool. Although I didn't care for the copyright page. I thought that was on the back of another page. Still it was cool to see photos printed directly on the pages.

Sam gets a bath in the big bathtub

Sam in the big bathtub
So Sam got his first bath in the big tub last night. If he could have given me a big thumbs up he would have. He was splashing and kicking and getting all excited. He was just too big for the infant tub anymore. Katie was in the tub with him, but I wasn't going to fight her for a picture last night.

More of Sam and Kate

I wanted to do more 3 month pictures for Sam. Katie wanted to take more pictures in her favorite dress. :) This is the true color of Kate's eyes. I don't think I've been able to really get it before now. It's a true hazel.

Beautiful Kate

Then she wanted to hold Sam and take pictures. Although, with as squirmy as Sam is right now, it didn't work so well, but I did manage to get a cute one. She really does love him a lot. She's always hugging and kissing on him. Better enjoy it now before they start fighting. LOL IMG_7024It'll be interesting as Sam get's older to see him progress with his blocks. The next time I use them will probably be at 6 months. I am sure by then he'll be grabbing them and stuffing them in his mouth.And this is the other hat my dear sister made for Sam. Isn't just so cute. Another thing I will use as he gets older. It'll be interesting to see him in it over the winter. And he'll be totally adorable too. And yes, his eyes are a crazy blue. Granted when I go to enhance the colors on the pictures, it does make them pop more, especially if he is wearing something with blue in it. But still, when anyone sees him for the first time, that's what they comment on are is eyes. He's going to be a heart breaker for sure I think. In fact, both my kids will be heart breakers I think. Katie with her strawberry blonde hair and green eyes and killer personality. Sam with his laid back attitude and blue eyes and dark hair. Yup....I can see those teenage years already.

So now he's 3 months!

trying again with evening light
These first few months seem to have flown by and it also seems like he's been with us forever. We adore Sam. He's totally laid back, although I can tell he's a kid who's going to be on the go all the time. He can't sit still if he's awake. He's a total fidget butt. :) Not much else to report on him. He's desperately trying to crawl, but he hasn't figured out the movements yet nor is he strong enough. Another couple of months I think. Sam can bear some weight on his legs and it really looks like he takes steps to walk. Although I read that this is just one of the primitive reflexes, it's still pretty cool. And I don't remember Katie doing it, but she may have and I was too new of a mom to realize anything. One of these days I will get some decent video of him doing it since they say the reflex disappears. So that's about all I have to say about him right now. He's still a baby and does all the baby things. Life keeps rolling on.....

A picture from Katie's 1st day of school and a couple of bonus pictures.

So Katie is enjoying school. I didn't get to take hardly any pictures on the first day because we woke up late and it was rushed, etc. She likes it there, which is good. The only heartbreaking thing she has said is "Mommy, you leave me at school and you go home with Daddy?". It's the way she says "you leave me", it's so pitiful. But otherwise she's doing well with, no screaming, no fits. And she says she has fun. We're also doing great on the potty training front. No accidents yesterday, although she is still wearing a diaper to school, because...well.. we won't go into that right now. Anyway, I'm excited for her. It's been a big week. I'm hoping by the time we go to the beach in 3 weeks, she'll be pretty much accident free. As much as possible anyway. I took some pics at bath time last night. I love this one of Katie. She actually enjoys taking a bath now. I think she is finally over the screaming fits that we had to endure every time we gave her a bath/shower. And then one of Sam, because he's just so cute. He is still taking a bath in the infant bath while Katie plays in her bath, but I think it is time to transition him into the big tub with a bath seat. He splashes so much in the tub, he gets me soaked every time. Katie was never a very big splasher until she was older, Sam on the other hand thinks it's hilarious.

OK. I'm gonna say it.....

Katie is a genius. :) LOL I know, I know only time will tell, but you have to see what she drew on her bag. Plus I am the mommy, so I have my mommy goggles on.


Here we have the front, there are two fishes in the water, two robots (one small, one big), a monster, and a rock. Can you see them?

And on the backside we have a "man", a rainbow, the sun, a house, and some flowers. Can you see those too? I am a proud mommy. She did ask me how to draw some of the things, but I just told her. Like for the house, "draw a square with a triangle on top of it". Very cool.

And because I love my kids equally......

I thought I would post about what we did on Katie's last day before her first day of school. :) Say that 10 times fast. We didn't do much, just hung out at home really. Played in the pool and with chalk. We're about to go and color her school bag for school. I'll add pics of that later. And then blow some bubbles. Just a laid back day, but all things Katie loves to do. I got a really cool picture of Katie playing hopscotch. She can't jump on one leg yet, but she still loves to play. Helps with her number recognition too. Which for some reason is still a little iffy some days. Anyway. She also chased me around the patio with the sprayer on the hose. Hehehe...she thoughtit was fun to see mommy run and to hear Sam cry. Because of course I was holding Sam, who did not think the cold water was fun. And of course she splashed me in the pool too. Silly girl. :) I'll miss you tomorrow Kate. Big smoochy kiss!

Check Sam out......

Poor boy is subjected to being my model right now, since Katie has NO interest in sitting still AND looking at the camera.

Baby Boy buried in the Gap jumper

And this last one is because this is how we always end a little mini session. :)


Grashopper and the Lily

Grashopper and the Lily
How very cool of Mr. Grashopper to visit us yesterday.

Dollhouses and their potties

So on Thursday I gave Katie my old dollhouse from when I was a kid. Complete with living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, a Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, big sister, baby brother, and one headless middle brother. :) She is enamored with it. Everyone who comes into the house must play with it. So there was an interesting thing that happened. We had to make each doll go to the potty. This was Friday morning. On Friday night, I walk into the living room(who are we kidding, let's just call it the play room, lol) and Katie runs up to me and says, "Mommy, I went to the potty!". And she did, and she did everything by herself too. I didn't ask her if she needed to go or anything. Since then she's only worn panties. No diapers. She still hasn't gone poopie yet. So we'll see what we're going to do about that. But maybe, just maybe, this time is for real. We have had way too many false starts. I think it has more to do with her school starting on Tuesday. We've been telling her forever to get into the big girl class she had to go potty. So we'll see. I'll let ya'll know in a couple of days if this really the end of diapers for Katie. Fingers crossed!

Sam and his cooing....

Sam likes to mimic, although at the moment it's a very simple sound. But it's so cute. We certainly get a kick out of it. :) Enjoy ya'll!

Finger Painting


I'm crafty......kind of.

So I can't sew. In fact my sewing skills are so bad that Miguel fixes our clothes. That's right you heard it. It's just not one of those talents I was blessed with. I suppose with practice...., but seriously I'm not interested in practicing. So on with what it was I made. I made tutus! Because they are super popular for little girls portraits, and there's a reason for that. A tutu makes for a sweet photo. I found this little tutorial on Flickr of all places on how to make them, bought myself some tulle and organdy ribbon, and used some older stuff from my last sad attempt at making one last year, and voila! a tutu! Very cool. I made three, light pink, magenta, and red, in Katie's size which took me about 5-6 hours total. The pink and red ones are way poofy and the magenta one is much less so. So of course last night I dragged (although in the beginning she was all gung ho about it) my little princess into the hot outdoors to try and get some pictures of her in it. She loves the tutus, hates the camera, so excuse the look on her face. So then because of the stifling heat, I decided to bring our little photo session inside. Katie wanted to play piano and I thought that might make for a cute picture. And it did. Still in the red tutu here, I just did some fun post processing on it. :) And then I noticed the light in there coming through the window was pretty. So we took this oneThere are others, but if Katie is looking at me normally she is making a silly face or a mean one. Like I said at the moment, the camera is not her friend. Which is why we didn't make it to the magenta one. And on other news, Katie starts school a week today. Tomorrow and Thursday we have meeting at her school to go over stuff. I'm a little nervous about it. I know it will all be fine, but still my nails are getting shorter every day.
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