Tales of my crazy Sam


See the face in the picture, that about says it all, ya know? He's two. I get it. And he's also Miguel's son, I get that too. Most of the time the things he does, just make us laugh. He's totally a clown. But his latest round of antics has unintended consequences. At least ones he doesn't think of as he strips off all of his clothes and diaper and proceeds to run around the house, laughing and giggling. Two days ago, as I was making dinner, the kids were watching Nick, Jr. in the bedroom. I call them for dinner, and Sam shows up butt naked. He climbs up on the table, and proclaims, "eat!!". As if eating naked was the way it is done, especially when putting your bare butt on the dinner table. Nice, Sam, nice. Yesterday, he strips naked, and proceeds to play on my bed. I've already done my laundry and I am bringing it back up to put it away and he decides peeing on the comforter I JUST WASHED, was super uber duber funny. HA HA HA...HA....HA. I love my crazy Sam, and he keeps us laughing, but he is so so mischievous. There's conflicting information out there that says that boys get easier as they get older. I might believe that if you factor in attitudes. Speaking of, can you see the attitude written all over Kate's face here?


Anyway, I took some bath time pics yesterday. Trying to get my creative energies back. They've seemingly been on break when it comes to my own kids. But I miss seeing happy pictures of them on my computer, so I'm thinking about bring back the 365 project. I've never finished one, but maybe it's time I did. It would be interesting to see how much everything changes over a year, especially while the kids are little like they still are. Life flies by so fast, and we hardly get a chance to really enjoy every day. It would be nice to have a picture from at least one day showing the joys of that particular day. So yeah, I think I will bring the project back. It'll be fun........

One more because she's actually giving me her sweet Katie smile. :)



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